Mike Delvaux


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Most law enforcement agencies across the country list dialogue as one of their force options; along with officer presence, hard and soft physical control tactics, less than lethal weapons systems and deadly or lethal force. What is not universally defined however is the way in which the application of dialogue as a force option is…Continue Reading »


Hello everyone. This is Mike Delvaux, consultant for Verbal Defense & Influence. Tone is one of the most powerful words in the English language. It is also one of the most dangerous. On average, the tone of a verbal interaction is about 5 times as influential as the content. We have all heard the phrase,…Continue Reading »


In a correctional institution, defiance to the new guy is the norm. This was especially true for me because when I began my career in corrections, I was barely 20 years old and many of the inmates under my charge were older than I was. I remember one of the inmates saying to me, “I…Continue Reading »

I recently had the pleasure of training a group of new correctional officers and had the added pleasure of providing the keynote speech at their graduation. Because I knew that many of their friends and family would be present I wanted to relate some of the training the students had received in a way that…Continue Reading »


Effective communication skills are a valuable set of tools to have. Being able to interact with others in a way that produces a desired outcome can produce a win-win scenario for everyone we come into contact with. This could mean de-escalating a tense situation, promoting teamwork, or as I found out, selling a camper. Selling…Continue Reading »