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Your professional communication skills can shut down verbal aggression

As a speaker, trainer, and consultant for Verbal Defense and Influence, I’ve helped transform institutions and empower individuals, by helping them learn and apply a set of communication methodologies developed by Dr. George Thompson.

In 1983, Dr. Thompson, an English professor and part-time police officer, formed an institute to research and develop programs to help police officers calm potentially volatile situations before they can manifest into physical violence.

Before his death, Dr. Thompson tirelessly observed, studied and applied this knowledge; he wrote four books on this topic (over 300,000 copies sold) and, via a global network of certified consultants, trained over 1 million individuals and consulted with hundreds of institutions.

Dr. Thompson’s structured communication methodologies are now being used — in public safety, education, health care, and government – and by individuals from all walks of life — to enhance interpersonal interactions, with such goals as to:

  • • Prevent and de-escalate attempted assaults
  • • Generate voluntary compliance
  • • Improve cooperation and collaboration within a team
  • • Prevent interpersonal conflict and de-escalate it if it occurs
  • • Improve customer service and sales
  • • Maintain mental and emotional safety in the midst of conflict
  • • Stop verbal abuse, bullying and harassment

I’ve worked with Dr. Thompson closely and am a certified Verbal Defense and Influence speaker, trainer, and consultant. This website enables me to interact with my network of contacts in a more personal way. Here you can learn more about me, send me an email, review my client list and their testimonials, and review the services I provide.

To visit our national site, please go to: www.VerbalDefenseAndInfluence.com.

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